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  • Hello from Utah

    I am just a beginning scroller, I got a Dewalt 788 for my early christmas present and had alot of fun making some christmas ornaments for the family. I am excited to learn alot from all of you!

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    Welcome to the forum Kandesonntag. Which part of Utah are you from?

    Oh and do you have a name that i can spell without having to look back at your username?

    Scrolling with a Dewalt 788


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      I am from Salt Lake City. I usually go by Yeti Man. Is there a way to change the way it appears on my posts instead of my username?


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        Welcome to the group Yeti Man.
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          Gald to know of another scroller here in Utah. I have only been on this forum for about 3 months and have found that this is a very helpful and supportave forum. I live in Centerville and I work in Salt Lake. There is a Utah scrollers club that meets once a month at the Wood Craft store in Sandy. The meeting happened to be tonight but I missed it due to other commitments.

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            Well Yeti Man you must have been awful good this past year for Santa to give you such a nice gift. The DeWalt is my saw of choice and I can't imagine using any other saw. I had to use my old Delta for one project I did before Xmas while I was waiting for a replacement blade chuck for my DeWalt and it was awful! lol. I survived tho.

            Have fun with the saw and don't forget to share pics of your creations.
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