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  • Fred & Jean Byers

    I just subscribed to this fine magazine, even though I had been buying it off the shelf for some time. I fell in love with the egg in issue 26. I have cut it out twice now, and being about as swift as a red brick I can not get the last step to work. I do the #10 instruction and it looks good. When I attempt to do the #11 gluing the two halves together, because of the curved sides there is a huge gap top and bottom. What am I doing wrong. I took a digital picture, but do not know how to put it into the request.

    Thanks Jack

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    Although I cant help you with your project, iD like to welcome you to the group, Im sure someone here will know exactly what your having trouble with.About posting a picture, if you click "post reply" (not quick reply)you will see a button way down under the message window you type in, that says "manage attachments". click on that and a popup window pops up that says select, or search, or upload, or somthing, once you click that, you should get sent to wherever you store your online photos, or saved files, where you right click and select. once selected, you clock upload on that popped up window thingy, and if your picture isnt to big, it will be attached to your message.I wish I knew a better way to splain it, sorry. Dale
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      Fred & Jean Byers

      Thanks lucky788scroller.

      Here goes I hope the picture shows up.

      Thanks Jack
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        Hi Jack,
        It might take some sanding to get it to fit. Depending on your saw, how accurate the angle guide is, and how much wood the spiral blade removes, it takes some final tweaking.

        Since you eventually round all the sharp corners off, you can usually get away with doing some extra sanding to get things to fit tightly.

        Best regards,
        Bob Duncan
        Technical Editor


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          Welcome to the group. Looks like there is extra wood so I think that Bob is right. Extra sanding on all the panels. You have another nice project at the top of your picture. We'd love to see some of your work.
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            After looking at your photo it seems that the angle of the saw table is slightly less than it should be, If the saw is of by one degree there are a total of 12 sides so the finished object will be off by 12 degrees. That would show up as gaps in the egg.

            If the angle was larger than it should be then the center of the egg would connect but the outer edges would have gaps.

            Try checking the angle again

            Hope this helps
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              Thanks for all your advice. I am going to try again, and will let you all know why I chose the handle kindling, I produce quite a bit of it. Dragon thanks for the thought. I will get brave enough to send in some of the stuff I do.


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                I've been wanting to try this one. My Mom would love it, (of course she loves everything I make). I'll be sure to be very careful with my angle.
                Is that a coin cutting jig on the left. It looks like you did it differently, with a piece of PVC pipe maybe? Am I right, and did it work?
                Thanks for sharing...Share some more....

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                  Jim you are correct. I have not tried it yet, as we had gone on a trip over to arizona. I did place a quarter in and it seems to be a good fit, and held so it would cut OK. The angle is the hardest part of the egg. I borrowed a old fashioned angle finder from a friend, and it showed the plastic one I had purchased was off by about 2 degrees. Multiply that by twelve sides and it doesn't fit. I am going to do another one and will post how it comes out.


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                    I attempted to cut out a section of the egg and THINK I found a problem
                    the drawing of the egg section pattern Pic4) that one is to apply to the wood after cutting the side profile (pic 3) needs to be longer as I measured the inside of the profile waste piece and it measures 5" not 4 1/4 inches.The pic #4 appears to fit entire length of egg section (5 inches)
                    This could be a problem aligning the egg sections.
                    going to re-cut section using drawing I made using Sketchup and see if the egg section comes out better.
                    Also found that using the waste piece of pic 3 as a steady rest for the section the push stick in pic 6 is not needed.


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                      Thanks Doug. I will do some serious re-measure and try to do the cuts again. I was sure it was just my angle being off, but just in case THANKS for your observations.


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                        I recut tseveral sections using longer pattern (instead of 1 1/2x4 1/4 it is 1 1/2x 5 thus making the arc or radius larger, smoother transition) but IMHO the 30degree miters are incorrect due to the fact that the sections are joined using a compound miter. Just need to figure out what anglt the sections are joined at.
                        Its like cutting miters for a picture fram that the sides are slanted, not flat.
                        the link I posted is a miter calculator. I entered 6sections and 45degree angle thus the miters need to be cut at 20 .5 degrees.
                        I plan on playing with this interesting project.
                        and yes if you cut out the profile (pic 3) and use the cut off as a steady rest the push block is not needed (pic 8).
                        Looking at the pics (7 & 8) it looks like a board is being used as a fence? Is it me or ??can't see using a fence as the piece needs to be turned to follow the radius of the section???


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                          In order for it to work out, you HAVE to use the fence. I know some of the instructions seem basic and fundamental, but if you follow it exactly, it does work out!

                          I've done several myself (I had to prove to the rest of the editoral staff that it works).

                          Since you are running a curved blank along a fence with the table angled, it automatically cuts the egg section to shape. In fact, the only thing I used the pattern for was to help me line the fence up properly to make the two cuts. And if you use the fence, you HAVE to use the angled push stick, otherwise your angles will be wrong.

                          If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a shout! 1-800-457-9112.

                          Bob Duncan
                          Technical Editor


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