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Jay Hammerle and what software?

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  • Jay Hammerle and what software?

    Exactly what I have been looking for but I can't find any photo to stencil software that I can use. Already purchhased Coyote and it doesn't work for me. Isn't there some free pic to stencil software out there? Thanks I do not have fancy Microsoft or any of those expensive stuff--only can use what is on my
    Dell lap top with Win. 7 and can use XP stuff.
    I don't have income to spend for just 1 thing like photo to stencil and no other reason to use a bought prog.
    Thanks Diane

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    I don't think any purely automated system will give good results. People are way better at art than computers.

    There is free software which can help as a tool, but you will need to drive it. Take a look at the tutorials here on using Inkscape and the Gimp. They are both free software. Inkscape is a vector graphics program and is good for drawing clear shapes. The gimp is a raster graphics and photo editing program and is a better start for converting photos.

    There are tutorials on using both stickied in the forums here.

    Another option is to use tracing paper and a pencil. I dont do portrait patterns, but my general workflow is to start with a sketch and then clean it up in a vector program such as Inkscape.



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      Thanks but what did HE use?

      It said in the message that he used 2 (is Jay a member or not?) (can someone send him my request?)
      and I just wanted to know which ones they were. I thank you for your kind replay too.


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        Diane this is Jay Hammerle. You have me at a disadvantage. Which forum statement are you refering to that I mentioned two programs?

        The two main programs that I use are word and a very old program called mirco graphics 3.0. the second is a 15 year old drawng program and of course the word is micro soft.

        For enlarging my drawings I use poster razor a free program on the internet and another drawing program I work with is gimp also a free drawing program on the internet. I went to a used book store and picked up a cd that has 2600 fonts also.......

        If you can refer me to the exact topic from where this inquiry came I will be able to answer better.

        And Yes I am a member..
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