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    Originally posted by BobD
    Hi Gang,
    If you have any questions for intarsia artist Kathy Wise, feel free to post them here!

    In speaking to Canadian Scroller, I was directed to Kathy:
    I'm curious as to how fast I should be setting my Excaliber 30" when cutting 1/8th " baltic birch plywood? I/m using it to cut patterns for some Intarsia work.
    Much thanks
    Roger Harris
    Stratford, Ont.[/

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    Since this Post was directed at Carl, I thought we'd start a thread for him <Grin>



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      Kathy asked me to post this for her.

      Hi Roger,
      > Speed is usually a personal preference... depending upon how fast you feed
      > the wood into your blade and the hardness/ thickness of your wood. But
      > when you cut 1/8 " thick plywood , control can be a problem. I always
      > stack cut my thin wood or use a scrap piece of plywood or pine under the
      > 1/8 stock to make it easier to cut. Use double stick tape or nails to
      > join the pieces. Also use a new 2 or 02 reverse-tooth blade when cutting
      > your thin stock. Try using a scrap pieces of wood and practice different
      > speeds to see which will work best for you. Let me know if this has
      > helped. Thanks for your question!
      > Kathy


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