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    I'm working on page 88, Kitchen Clock with Drawer, and am confused by clock dimensions. Item 13/movement-quartz has 3.25 diameter when the width of the front(item #3) is the same width. The exploded view suggest a 2 3/8th hole. What type of clock is illustrated? I checked Klockit. The exploded view indicates enough room for the clock....the measurements don't. What am I missing? Thanks for your help. It's a very nice book.

    John M. Hamilton ("Gumpie")
    Last edited by gumpie; 03-01-2012, 10:48 AM. Reason: I have clearer understanding of clock dimensions. Thanks. You don't have to reply.

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    Hi John,
    Here's what John said.

    Sorry I took so long in getting back to you...........I was away on vacation and just got back.

    Everything is correct as shown. The width of the front, part 3. IS 3 1/4 wide as noted........................the two side pieces, part 1 are 3/4 thick and go OUTSIDE the front so the width of the clock front is actually 4 3/4 wide, thus the 3 1/4 diameter movement will fit perfectly as shown. ..............I GATHER this is the question???? ANY 3 1/4 diameter quartz insert will work. I would suggest Klockit's no, 15561 should work. That insert uses a 2 7/8 dia. hole I think...........Don't drill the hole till you get the insert.


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      Wooden Clock.

      It worked out fine with a few adjustments. Thank you for your help.



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