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    I am wondering if anybody has ever made any rings out of wood. A friend asked about making a wedding ring out of wood and i am looking for ideas as to what kind of wood to use and where to get it from.

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    Wooddust, I was thinking it would be really wild to do an inlay as well as cutting out a ring. That sounds weird, I know(to me anyway) & would be almost impossible to cut the inlay, without cutting the bottom of the ring shank. Don't have a clue how you would do that. Maybe attatch a diamond on the top, HA Good Luck !


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      Do the inlay first....the use Caroles ideas for cutting the rings.
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        Thanks for getting back to me. Don't understand "Caroles idea" would appreciate more help


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          Carole's idea refers to Carole Rothman's (handibunny) method of making bowls by cutting rings of wood and gluing them together; she's done several articles for Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts and has a book published and another one on it's way ( Fox Chapel Publishing - Craft, Hobby, and Woodworking Books & Magazines!) . Personally, if I were making a ring, I'd glue together thin layers of wood, alternating the grain between the layers (making your own plywood in effect) to keep the ring from splitting apart with the grain. If you use different woods, you can make a cool laminated ring, or if you use the same wood to have a solid color. I think the solid color would look better with a darker wood.

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            Have done that in past, built a anniversary clock out of wood using walnut and oak in 3/16 inch strips, then turned it with the strips on an angle the effect had a great look. Was just wondering about the strength of burls as i have never used or seen any.


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              i do rings. i don't have a lathe so i use a conical wooden pin where i place the rough cuts, and use the drill press to do the sanding and finishing.
              for a wedding one, it will be nice to combine the metal with the wood, but i dont have a clue on how to do that,


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                Steve Good has some patterns for sizes and more.
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                  thanks for the info everybody


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