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Questions for Judy Gale Roberts, Jerry Booher

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    Shipping to the UK

    Hello Gary,
    Yes you are correct-- we only ship to te US and Canada.
    HOWEVER-- we do have a Canadian Distributor that takes care of our dealers in Canada. I am sure they can handle your needs.
    Try contacting :
    Morley Miller Machinery Co.
    [email protected]
    or phone them at 519- 448-1361, they are locate in St George Ontario.
    good luck.
    Thank you for your interest in Intarsia



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      Thank you for the inspiration

      Dear Judy and Jerry
      Twenty years ago I picked up a woodworking magazine (can't remember which one) that had an owl in a tree (I still have the original grid style pattern I made from the pattern in the book). I was already trying to make pictures out of wood with a band saw, 3/4 inch wood and a discarded cabinet door. When I saw the owl, I knew that was the answer. Judy inspired me to create and dream of combining my love for wood and art. I have done lots of your patterns. One of your patterns (the three bears) I even created two additional patterns. On the snow bear I put a different hat on it to make it a little girl snow bear. And then made the teddy bear into a panda bear. I have had years of fun doing these wonderful patterns. They have enriched my life conciderably. Thank you for the inspiration.

      Yours Truly
      Linda E. aka Stickers


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        Thanks for the information - I will contact them.



        My saw - Axminster AWSF18


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          Adapting grinders for sanding

          Hi Jerry,

          I attended your intermediate class last May so I have seen your class room and it is setup great for both efficient workflow and dust collection.

          I am trying to setup a grinder for sanding with a pnuematic sanding drum. I purchased an arbor adaptor that changed the thread from 11 to 20 so that I could screw a 1/2 inch chuck on the arbor. I thought that I was going to be able to chuck a sanding drum and sand away.

          You probably already know what I got was mass vibration. I the shortened the 1/2 inch arbor and the adater so that the drum would be closer to motor.
          That worked better but still to much vibration.

          The motor is turning at 3500 rpm and I am thinking about putting a rheostat so that I can make it variable speed, but before I reinvent the wheel, do you think that it will ever work with the chuck attached to the end of the shaft.

          I know that Judy has that nice big drum that she uses for her rough sanding. Is that an expensive sanding unit that mounts on.

          I guess instead of writing a book I could just ask how you sanding stations are set up. Could you please help?

          I have been using my pnuematic sanding drums in my drill press and it works pretty well but because it is vertical I have to blind sand more than I would like.

          in advance for your help,



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            Dust Collection late commer (~..~)

            Away for the weekend and just back to find to find this wonderful forum. I have seen a "home made" dust collector for the scroll saw and if you can put the middle pieces together which I am hoping my hubby will do, lol, the end result was this:
            a clear and bendable tube, much like those used in fish tanks. It was tied at one end pointing downward from the saw's arm towards the blade/table, staying above but close to the table and blade area. The other end was hooked up to a shop vac. The author said that he felt almost all if not all of the dust from the top of the table was being pulled into his shp vac. How he down sized from the shop vac hose to the "fish tank style hose" I don't know. But it looked like it would definately work (~..~) "I think I want one, lol."


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              Hi Judy and Jeff. I too want to thank you for your fine line dog patterns and I also want more breeds. I've done several now and execpt that I still have troubles with the circles, they always turn out great. What I like best is when I give them to people, even though I have never seen their personal dog, they always say "how did you get a picture of my dog?" I just really enjoy the joy everyone seems to get from seeing "their" dog in wood.

              Merle ( the other Merle)


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                wonder wheel

                Judy and Jerry; I have gotten several of your patterns over the year and love them. I purchased a wonder wheel a couple of years ago and have finally started using it and am starting to get texture to look good. The way i have been dressing the wheel causes it to dDisappear" (for lack of better word) is this normal. or am i perhaps dressing it wrong or to often??

                Grover D
                Grover D
                RBI Hawk 226 and Dewalt 788



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                  Why is wood burning?

                  Hi, I am cutting some ornaments from 1/4" purple heart. The cuts keep burning. I'm using a #5 blade. do you think I need a smaller blade? Does burning typically indicate your speed is too fast; too slow? I appreciate your input.
                  Carol Smith


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                    Hi I have your pattern book Fantasy anD Legend it is great ,Could you please tell how would you present them them when you sell them at a craft fair, when giving them to the customer? Mal UK


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                      Originally posted by countrycrafts View Post
                      Hi I have your pattern book Fantasy anD Legend it is great ,Could you please tell how would you present them them when you sell them at a craft fair, when giving them to the customer? Mal UK
                      Mal, That book is by Judy and Dave Peterson, as opposed to Judy and Jerry.Hopefully someone will still see your question here, but it may get more replies if you repost your question in a different section of the message board,so it doesnt get overlooked.Some of the many craft show vendors on here surely will know how to best package them for ya!
                      Dale w/ yella saws


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                        Hi Judy and Jerry.
                        I was needing some Western red cedar for a project and was wondering where I can find some. I live in Texas so I don't know if I could find some locally or if I needed to order some from a website. If I do need to order some from a website who would you suggest I order it from.

                        P.S. I love your books and patterns.



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                          Do you have a intarsia pattern for a laying down pekingese. i have your other two pekingese patterns. thank you.


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                            Hi,question for Judy, I believe it was Judy how gave a talk at the show last year, she mentioned a pen or pencil she used to sign her work,
                            I was wondering what she used? thanks you dan in Pa


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                              Don't know if Judy stills checks in regularly, but you might check her website or Facebook page for a way to contact her directly. Her website has tons of info, and you might find what you need there.

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                                Hi Dan,

                                I'm not positive but pretty sure Judy signs her work with a brown fine point Sharpie. She will answer questions anyone has if you call her studio, if she's not busy teaching. Her secretary may be able to help you also. As Carole said, you can check her Facebook page and website for info too.



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