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Hegner tension rod m22v

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  • Hegner tension rod m22v

    I bought my second used Hegner with variable speed. This is turning out to be nothing but a problem child for me. It's not junk, but it definitly has it moments. I am going through it working out the bugs sort of speak. When I release the tension the upper arm sticks in the down position until I jiggle the arm then it goes up. I notice that the tension rod has a slight bend wondering if that might be the problem or if I should be looking for something else. Also at higher speeds it seam to hesitate then jumps into motion with a clunk sound, not sure if that is good I was told that these older saws are known for doing that. If anyone has any experiences, with these problems I'm all eyes and ears. Thank you in advance.

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    Have you checked the arm pivot bearings? I would disassemble every thing, clean and with new lubricant. Remove the connector from the motor to the lower arm, then make sure all the parts move without binding. also check the bearings in the connector. Old lubes solidify over time.

    Certainly straighten the tension rod.
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      My “old” Hegner is 21 years young and never had those problems. Before you tear it apart, Hegner for contact info. Wolfgang is one of the original owners and he can tell you what is wrong and what you need to fix it. Don’t tear it apart until you talk with him. I have one tool that I take care of my hegner with and it’s an Allen wrench that fits everything I take off to clean once a month, even the tension bar. Yes, the bar should be straight. Let me know what he says.

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        Hello, Tring My First Hegner out, thinking of downsizing from my Excalibur 21. Found a Multimax 2 14" built 10 88. Saw looks pretty solid. it was missing the blade key, but didn't let that stop me. Got a blade mounted and the tension set. turned it on and Vibration like i have never seen before. so thinking could be blade alignment, nope. then maybe arms were out of alignment, could be. noticed something that looks like a weight on the motor shaft. could this be some type of balancer? any help would be appreciated


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