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  • magazine on CD-ROM

    Have you thought about creating a cd-rom with the backissues on it? It would help for the occasional lost issue and provide a great quick reference for that article that your always looking for in _____ issue.

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    Re: magazine on CD-ROM about converting each back issue to Adobe .pdf format and selling the downloads for about $2.50 each. Thats still a good deal for the reader and Fox Chapel since you don't have printing and postage costs involved.


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      Re: magazine on CD-ROM

      That is a great idea... sign me up.  My copies of WCI are getting tattered...


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        Re: magazine on CD-ROM

        Thank you for your suggestion of placing back issues on cd-rom. We have looked into this option, and at this present time, it not quite feasible for us. However, in the future, it might become another option. We will keep it in mind.

        We are currrently working on an index to help find articles in back issues. We are planning on posting it on this website and updating it every issue. We are also going to be running a comprehensvie index in an upcoming issue of the magazine.
        Thanks again for the suggestion!


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          Re: magazine on CD-ROM

          Add me as one more that would vote for CDRoms. I think I could even be hired to convert the articles to CD ROM. 8)


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            Re: magazine on CD-ROM


            Great idea and sign me up

            Lost some mags and wore out others


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              Concur with CD access

              I think having "The" magazine available for CD access, would allow access to the past issues for which there are no more copies to mail out. I would love to have a copy of all the issues currently unavailable.



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                Having the issues on CD sounds good to me except for the
                ADOBE format
                would rather have them in word format


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                  Unfortunately, Wayne, putting the files in Word is almost impossible. We use Qwark to lay each issue out, and it is no problem to convert a quark document into a PDF...but we can't convert it to a Word doc.



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                    Would love to have CD rom for reference. What I do with the index, is every magazine I get I make a copy of the Index and put in a binder. That way I just thumb through the index when I am looking for something special or to "see what I forgot"! Which lately seems to be quite alot! LOL

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                      Cd Rom

                      I like the idea of back issues on cd. I'll buy one when you get it.
                      Keep on scrolling


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                        Although I've never seen the mag (I've put my name down for a trial copy), I'd also be interested in a CD.

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                          pdf files


                          Quark to PDF?!? OUTSTANDING! Do it!

                          Huumm....... y'all make money by selling advertising......... PDF files would support this....... with links...... do the cookie deal or whatever it takes to make sure your advertisers know y'all is where the "hit" came from on their web site.

                          There is a publication sold here in New England called "The Want ADvertiser". They have a web site where you can buy each issue online at a similar cost to the printed version. Once I found it I don't have to kill any trees anymore.

                          ......... just thinking out loud. ( Or in type as the case may be)



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                            CD on magazine sounds like a very nice idea. I have a set of CD's from a gaming magazine I used to subscribe to. It was awsome to be able to browse through and find what I was looking for. Put my name down for a set if you ever do it!



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