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How To Embed Pictures Into A Post

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  • How To Embed Pictures Into A Post


    Hi, Gang......I'm revising this thread a bit to correlate with the current operation of the forum.
    As of this moment in time, most are aware that the ability to "attach" pictures to a post is hit and miss. It works for some members, but not for most. The reason for this appears to be an issue with the vbulletin software, and is being worked on by that software company, in addition to the SSW&C mods/admins. Hopefully it will eventually work for all of us in the near future.

    The good news:

    You can still share your pictures on the forum in a very easy "embedding" them into your post. This is a method which should work for everyone involved, and has been used all along, even on the old forum, by many current members, including myself.

    There are TWO simple ways to do this:

    METHOD 1:

    1: upload your photo to a photo hosting site. I like Photobucket, but you may use others, such as Shutterfly, Flickr, etc. These are often free to use, and also often provide options to edit your photos if you desire.

    2. Obtain the direct url address to that photo. You should be given this option on the site you use.

    On Photobucket, that url address will look something like this: of words)...psnrhfrpvr.jpg

    Copy the link and simply paste it into your forum message wherever you want it.

    3. Make sure that the url link you have pasted is surrounded by the following brackets EXACTLY as follows:
    To the left of your url address: [IMG]
    To the right of your url address: [/IMG]

    If they don't automatically appear, type them in. Don't forget the slash, and make sure it tips the right way. Your embedded link will look like this:

    [IMG]your url address goes here[/IMG]

    Your picture should appear within your final post when it is done, exactly within the text where you placed it.

    METHOD 2:

    Follow Steps #1 and #2 exactly as above, in METHOD 1.
    Instead of entering the photo url address into your post, and surrounding it with the [IMG] brackets, you may enter the url address by using the picture button in the advanced text editor.

    Randy has put together a nice little video showing how to do that:


    I hope everyone finds either of these methods easy to use, and finds success in being able to share their projects here on the forum!
    Scrolling Days
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    Shawn Ferguson

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    Bump for update...
    Shawn Ferguson

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      Shutterfly is a little tricky, click here for that video:

      (Shawn, feel free to incorporate above and delete this post if you think best).

      "Ever Striving, Never Arriving"


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        Shawn, with Photobucket, It gives you four options for coping addresses for directing your picture. If the "IMG" one is copied and pasted here it will display the picture, a person will not need to add the [img] at the beginning and end. I'm not writing this well, but you may know what I mean. Do what ever you want with info, I do not know if it is of value or not.

        AKA Paul from Washington State


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          @ Randy: Thanks, Randy! I'm not too familiar with the other photo hosting sites, so if you or any of the other members have tips to share on using those, please feel free to share within this thread.

          @ Paul: You're right, Paul.....Photobucket does have that ability, which makes things simpler so folks don't have to type in those brackets themselves. I reviewed the process of doing so, however, just in case folks use another host site which does not offer that copy/paste function, or if somebody is simply copying a url address for a picture directly from the web. Thanks for sharing that shortcut, though!!
          Shawn Ferguson

          Come visit at The Ferguson Puzzle Company !


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            Thanks Shawn and Paul. I have posting success! Rather than take a chance I typed the brackets and IMG /IMG around the direct address and it worked fine. Next I'll try the IMG link at Photobucket and see how it works. Amazing what you learn when you read what someone has said you should read.


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              Trying Paul's suggestion:

              Steve in Richmond, VA with a DW-788


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