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  • Web Site Suggestion

    Since there is no specific place for website suggestions, I will post it here and hope the webmaster sees it. Those of us who have been posting here for a year or two have seen the same beginner questions over and over. While we enjoy sharing this information, perhaps the site needs a FAQ section on topics like 'How to get started','What wood to use', 'What tools to buy', 'How to finish a carving, 'How to Sharpen tools', etc. It could be a selection of replies from the members or a synopsis compiled and edited for brevity. I visit other sites for other interests and the FAQ sections always gets a lot of attention. Another idea is a members 'Project' page where a member posts a pattern, describes how it is carved, and how to finish it. Yes, I know the magazine has lots of projects by professionals, but I see a lot of carvings on the Picture Trail that are just a professional looking as the ones in the Magazine. I would love to see Teri Embry do a few of these for us.

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    Re: Web Site Suggestion

    I'll second that! Good ideas Captain.


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      Re: Web Site Suggestion

      YES! Captain, FAQ are very very useful for all, beginners and veterans.

      And about projects is a good and very good idea.


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        Re: Web Site Suggestion

        I'm behind you a hundred percent Captain! 8) This is a great idea for all of us! Claude.


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          new dremel scroll saw

          hi all I just got a new scroll saw by dremel and it came with 12 blades but with no sizes can any one help me its 1800 model
          thanks Brenda


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            Cpt Band Aid:

            If I may respond somewhat in reverse order---

            On the left hand side of your screen, under the heading of Scrolling community, look for Scorller Galleries. Any member may post pictures of their work, and may post a short (emphasis on short) write up. I suggest you start with Toni B.'s new posting "Looking Back". However, only a few hardy soles post their full real name.

            Your question related to professional carvings-- well, ahmm, that is the sister site to this scrollsaw site. On the left hand side, at the bottom is the link to Wood Carving Illustrated.

            Now as to a FAQ web page, since scroll saw FAQ and basic information is posted on several other sites, this forum could just provide a link. To duplicate the information that these other sites provide, and compete with books published by Fox Chapel (owner of SSW, and this forum,) plus the SSW magazine, could be a hard sell to Fox Chapel Senior Management.

            However, on your screen's left hand side, the link Other Great sites, then select Artisans, scroll down to the 'R's and click on RicK Hutcheson (AKA Rick's Place) for lots of scroll saw info for the newbie. Also, visit Mike's workshop, which is under Other Great Sites, Retail, then scroll down to the 'M's. Mike sells Flying Dutchman blades. (more later) There are many other sites with basic info.

            Although, a FAQ site on wood selection for scroll saw use is still a good idea.

            Therefore, on the left hand side, under Communities, if there could be a link titled 'FAQ Links,' and then just have several links to other web pages from other sites such as Basic Info, How to, or FAQs, then this forum doesn't appear to be in conflict with the other parts of Fox Chapel business.


            Please feel free to experiment with the blades you received. However, scroll saw blades break a lot, and those blades you got with your saw are not worth a lot and may not be very good blades. It is not worth the effort to sort them out. Just practice with them on scrap wood. Go to Mike's workshop, however, and read up on blade types. Also check out Rick's place for more info on blades.

            But back at Mike's workshop look for his bargin on an Into pack of 5 popular types of blades. Good bargin, and very good blades.



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              Look at the date on the original posting. Think he is long gone.


              Phil makes a good point about the blades that came with the saw. They probably are of lesser quality. When you use them up and want new ones there are many different brands out there. Alot of us have tried many brands over the years and we have settled on our favorites and you will to. But as Phil said it is worth giving Mike at a try and he will set you up with some of the finest blades out there in my opinion.
              John T.


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                {long sigh ---}

                Yes, John, I didn't check out the date of the orginal post.

                I thought it is a new thread. Got me again.



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                  thanks Phil for your help i enjoy talking to you all on here everyone is very helpfull Happy new year to all


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                    You can also check Rick's Scrollsaw page (, on the left sidebar he has a section dedicated to blade sizes and uses - it mght prove handy.

                    Also, I agree w/ Phil, you'll go through that dozen blades in no time flat, if you haven't already - most of us that have been doing it while buy them by the gross!


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