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Our Bill of Rights

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  • Our Bill of Rights

    One of the moderators on the Wood Carving Illustrated Message Board wrote this. I really liked it, and thought it would be good to post it over here too!

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    Bravo. That says it all.

    Paul S.


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      Some people on the other board were wondering if Lora's post was directed at a specific situation, so she just posted this...again...cross posting!

      Originally posted by Lora S. Irish

      My original posting on this topic came after spending the day (President's Day) here at Wood Carving Illustrated trying to catch up in my reading. Finally having a day off from work I hustled my bunnies over here to my most favorite place on the net to spend time and visit with friends. I have throughly missed spending time with everyone here.

      After reading through several weeks (like since the New Years) of threads and posting on both the Wood Carving Forum AND the Scroll Saw Forum I realized that there was an odd feeling to some of the posts and some of the threads! Of note, although I do not post to the Scroll Saw forum I throughly enjoy reading it on a regular bases.

      ly it was that occassionally people feel that they can say whatever they want to whomever they want without limits and without regards to either the target member, those on the thread and the forum as a whole. Many of those posting have absolutely nothing to do with our hobbies and crafts.

      So this thread is not and never was directed at anyone one individual member, any one individual thread or any one posting.

      It came as the direct result having to catch up to everything that is happening here and therefore of being in the odd position to see a more general trend that is happening on both forums.

      Thank you for listening and if you by chance took my statements as a direct slam from me, my apoligizes.



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