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    I've been thinking about this for a long time. We're growing fast enough now that we've got to formalize how we handle links to other sites.

    We all have our favorite blades, and I think it does a disservice to the scrolling world in general if we continue removing the links that people post. Likewise, we've all got our favorite designers, and it's not fair to restrict the posting of links.

    That said, we've had some problems in the past with people accusing one person or another of using the board to advertise their business. That, in my book, is not acceptable. But how do you draw the line.

    I've decided that the fairest way to do that is to allow people to post links to different sites they want, but you should also expect others to post links to their favorite sites. In fact, don't be surprised if a moderator or I jump in after you and post links to all the blade suppliers.

    I firmly believe that in order to continue growing, we need to have an open dialog on these things.

    But I also want everyone to know that if this gets out of hand, I will have to take action. Some of the other options is start an area on the messge board called the Message Board Favorites, where we will have threads of all links (Blade suppliers, wood suppliers, pattern designers) etc. that people can submit links to moderators for inclusion. Then all posts will need to refer to that area for the actual link, rather than posting a direct link.

    Another option would be to require people to refer to the Other Great Sites link in the left column for all links off the board.

    I hope it doesn't come to that, but I am also not afraid to implement one of those options!


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    Any links I want ? <wink>
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    Jeff Powell


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      One suggstion I've gotten already is that one should not post a link for personal gain. I think that is a great way to decide whether or not to post a link.

      And another thing I want to mention: Feel free to post links to the "Competition," whoever you define that at.

      I really don't look at things as competition; and I'd rather facilitate a free exchange of information. If you are providing a link to another site, I'd apprciate (in every sense of the word) a reciprocal link.

      Obviously, Creative Woodworks and Crafts could be seen as our "direct competitions" because they are the other scrolling niche magazine. But I really see it differently; they offer different projects, techniques, and information than we do. And yes, I read every issue of their magazine as well. I think that in many ways the two magazines compliment each other.

      I sometimes wonder, though, if people compare Popular Woodworking, Wood Magazine, and Fine Woodworking like they compare CWC and SSW&C.



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        This one's better, Jeff :

        Mind, be careful of expressing political opinions to the left of General Pinochet on that forum !

        There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is readily adopted.
        (Schopenhauer, Die Kunst Recht zu Behalten)


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          hehe, will do !
          Jeff Powell


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            Originally posted by BobD
            And another thing I want to mention: Feel free to post links to the "Competition," whoever you define that at.

            I must admit Bob I've been kind of puzzled by the "rule" not to mention CWC on here. On the one hand if people are praising CWC rather than SSWC then you know that they're doing something better than you and you need to do something about it. Conversely, if they're praising SSWC more then you know you're getting it right!

            I would guess that a lot of scrollsawers actually buy both mags irregardless of their "favourite" but I could be wrong ... (it often happens

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              I buy both of them and enjoy both.

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                I also subscribe to and enjoy both magazines. IMO they compliment one another. Between the two there are so many great patterns and articles that I am kept busy reading, copying and cutting between issues.

                Paul S.


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                  I think your new policy is right on the money. Obviously, it can be abused and we don't want to see that happen. However, it's been a topic of discussion between of handful of people lately, myself included, that networking our abilities and promoting each other can only be beneficial for all of us. The scrollsaw community seems to be growing at a fast pace although it's been said it's slowly dieing. I don't see that happening and feel a bit of praise to SSWC is required. Thank you for what you do and for being a leader in the industry, and now we can proudly say, a leader who is willing to allow us follow, even if that means riding your coat tails! LOL Success is generally a result of lots of effort, and lots of opportunities for advertising who we are and what we do.

                  Thank you!!

                  Andy Deane
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                    Originally posted by BobD
                    ...allow people to post links to different sites they want, but you should also expect others to post links to their favorite sites....
                    Is it the posting of favorite external links that is the problem; or, is it the author of a post not being forthright about why they are posting a particular link such as having a personal financial interest in getting others to follow that link?

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