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  • Little picture thingys below signatures

    What in the world are those little pictures that have popped up below the signatures lines?

    I would appreciate it if someone could explain them.
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    yes indeed, inquiring minds want to know
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      Digg is all about user powered content. Everything is submitted and voted on by the digg community. Share, discover, bookmark, and promote stuff that's important to you!

      Furl saves a personal copy of any page on the Web and lets you to find it again instantly, from any computer. Share the sites you find, and discover useful new sites. Become a member to start building your Personal Web.

      Searches weblogs by keyword and for links. Also provides news from general news services and blogs.

      A social bookmarks manager. Using bookmarklets, you can add bookmarks to your list and categorize them.


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        Thanks for the explanation.

        Next question......WE NEED THEM........WHY??????

        Just curious. I participate in three other forums and this is the first I've seen those do-hicky thing-a-ma-bobs..
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          Also, what's with the " permalink " by each post number ?
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            Well, now that you explained the "What"

            Would you give us an example of the "Why" and the "How" these links are used?

            From your previous post in this thread, I am unable to find a use for any of them.



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              I'm curious too. WHY do we need them?
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                Do we have to pay for their services?

                We are the music makers.
                We are the dreamers of dreams.

                Easy scrollin' with a DW788


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                  I must say I find the icons distractingly prominent. What's your vision for using them to improve the forum, Rob?


                  Edit: Hey - I can't see the icons on my own post!
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                    Where are those "thingies"??? I can't see them.
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                      The four icons are social bookmarking sites which are all effective ways of sharing content with others. There are no fees associated with the services. No one is required to use them but they are available to people who do use these services.

                      The goal with making them available is to introduce more scrollers to the message boards. Traditionally, people navigate to the site knowing SSWC, link building, directory listings, organic search through Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL etc... This is just another tool to drive more traffic and help increase membership to the board.

                      I would agree with Gill that the icons are too prominent in the existing design. In the short term, I removed them unitl I can make them less obtrusive.

                      Below are links if you wish to investigate them further. The all have their own merits and must admit they are not for everyone.

                      Last edited by admin; 02-05-2007, 11:24 PM.


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