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Handling and Reporting "Spam"

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  • Handling and Reporting "Spam"

    What is "Spam"?

    In the context of this forum, we consider spam to be a method of unsolicited advertisement, usually totally off topic from scroll sawing. In it's most common form, it will exist as a member post promoting what is being advertised in the body of the message, with a link to another website. In more subtle forums, the body of the message will be vague, but the link will still exist in the message, or in the "member's" signature area.

    Why Does "Spam" Exist?

    Spam messages are generally not sent by actual people, but by "spambots" which is an intelligent automated software strategy to diffusely send product and website links digitally to targets such as emails, texts, and message boards.

    The goal of spam is usually to directly advertise a product, and to drive large volumes of people to a website. By establishing multiple digital links on other sites, they also hope to increase their website visibility on search engines.

    Why "Spam" is Bad?

    Not only does spam detract from the usefulness of the forum, but allowing it to exist supports the spammers' purpose. Further, if members follow the links in the spam message, they may be subjecting themselves to a website which has more malicious intent, such as identity theft, application of spyware, or worse.

    Forum Policy Relating To "Spam"

    Direct product advertising is not allowed on the forum, and as stated in the Forum Bill of Rights, "spam" is most certainly not allowed. There is a zero tolerance policy for spamming the forum, and any "member" who does so will be permanently banned without warning.

    What To Do If You Encounter "Spam":

    The forum has security in place which blocks spam, and our team of moderators work hard to remove any spam which might escape detection. Despite this, "spambots" have become increasingly sophisticated, and sometimes spam may find it's way onto the message board.

    If you spot a message which you believe to be spam, please do not address the spammer yourself, but instead report the issue. This can be done by either directly PM'ing one of the forum moderators, or by "reporting" the post. In the latter circumstance, a blanket notification will go out to all moderators and administrators.

    We never consider it a bother to be notified of spam, but instead prefer that members report such posts so that we can all work together to keep the forum as "spam-free" as possible.
    Shawn Ferguson

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    This "memo" has been approved by BobD, so I'll go ahead and sticky it for everybody.

    Thanks everyone for helping us out!
    Shawn Ferguson

    Come visit at The Ferguson Puzzle Company !


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