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  • sending a private email

    How do I send a private email to a person called "Puzzelnut" . I typed that name in all over the place and I get no response. The forum says it does not recongnize the name. Tks.

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    Welcome to the forum. Admittedly, trying to find a member can be difficult. Try this:
    Click on Community in the toolbar just above the forum listings. Then click on P in the alphabet string. When the P section comes up, click on "last page". You'll find PuzzleNut there.



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      Here are a few screen shots to help you out.

      Step 1 Click either "User CP" or Private Messages.

      Step 2 Click on "Send New Message"

      Step 3 Start typing the name of the person you want to send the message to and a list will pop up showing the different screen names, just click the one you want and then start typing your message in the next box.
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        Jan and Tim gave you excellent information for private messages within the forum, but if you are looking for private email as you stated, then you would have to have that persons email address. They are not usually posted on the forum unless that person wants the whole world to know it, so I would suggest sending Puzzlenut a PM (Private Message) and if need be he/she could give you their email address that way.
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          Thank you all for your information. I tryed what Jan and Tim suggested and I have no idea where my message went. So I think I will try again. Thanks again.


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