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    Hello. My name is donna237 and I have been scrolling for roughly 15 years, still enjoying it and still trying new things. My problem is in getting material ie hardwood that is not too expensive as I live in a softwood country.Currently, I am looking for some info on the seyco drill presses. I have a dremel (just purchased) but I think that the versatilitiy of the seyco negates the usefulness of the dremel. Am I right? And where can I find one?

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    I suggest that you look into buying a Dremel Router Plunger Attachment, much more useful than the Seyco and very less expensive.
    Amazon sells them for $26. Dremel 335-01 Plunge Router Attachment: Home Improvement Also available in thhe big box stores.
    I can't do without the one that I have.


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      I really like the Seyco drill (available from SEYCO). Yes, it's a one-purpose tool, but it does that purpose well. I've not found another portable tool that allows me to drill holes 1-handed with the control I have with the Seyco drill. I end up using two hands with the Dremel plunge router attachment.

      But, since you've already got a dremel, the plunge router attachment does have it's uses; Jack's right that the plunge router has more than one use. The Seyco drill is just a drill.

      Best Regards,
      Bob Duncan
      Technical Editor


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