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    i noticed that not many people use the classifieds and i wonder why?
    is it because many dont see it in the forum? do many know about the
    link on the sidebar?

    should the link on the sidebar be removed and a new posting in the
    forum be started for buying and selling stuff?

    personally i would rather have a place in this forum to buy & sell and
    i think it would get a LOT more traffic.
    Yes, i think a Buy/Sell thread in the forum would get more traffic
    No, it should be left the way it is

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    Except the reason for the forum is to share free information about scrolling not to sell things Bob added the classifieds after a few requests. Not to mention the possible liability FC would take on if they started allowing sales on the forum. It has already been discussed and cast aside...
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      well i did mean scroll related items

      how is a forum held libel for something a person sells or buys?

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        I think you need a 3rd voting option -- "There's a classified section???" :-)


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          We may not legally be held accountable for something someone else is selling, but the editorial team felt that a strong distinction between the forum and the classifieds was important. There's an implication of approval if we had a buy/sell/trade area on the forum. The classifieds, where you have to go to a different area, removes that implication and makes it seem more real.

          That said, if you post something in the classifieds, feel free to post a link on the forum saying "check out the new classified ad I posted." If the classifieds get more traffic, I may end op revising that statement, but for now, to get traffic to the classifieds, I think we'll be ok.

          Best Regards,
          Bob Duncan
          Technical Editor


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            I should have read the responses BEFORE voting.
            Please pull my yes for the forum vote. I would leave it the way it is.

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