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I am having trouble posting a profile pic

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  • I am having trouble posting a profile pic

    Would someone please assist me in getting a profile pic to upload?
    I have resized an image all the way down to only 6 kb and it still says "Unable to Save File."
    Please help!

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    Perhaps the file size is small enough, but there are still too many pixels (it looks like the pixel size has to be 80 x 80 or smaller). If you use a photo hosting site (like Photobucket) you can easily resize images down to that.

    Another thought might be the format of the file. If you are just using a URL address of a picture, it probably won't matter, but if you are directly uploading an image, it might have to be in a format like JPEG.

    Dunno.....just guessing.

    Also, welcome to the forum!
    Shawn Ferguson

    Come visit at The Ferguson Puzzle Company !


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      thank you for the suggestions....i will give 'em a try.
      ...and thanks for the welcome...very glad i finally joined.


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        I'm not so sure Shawn,
        When my B-day came around recently, I tried to put up my little kid pic, (that I've had up there before), and got the same message...


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          I have still been unsuccessful in posting any signature, avatar, or profile pic.
          I am certain that I am meeting the posting is simply not working.
          Is anyone else having this issue?


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            My profile pic is ok, but it is not on the threads. Probably ok as I am pretty ugly.

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