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Discussing other publications on the Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts board

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  • Discussing other publications on the Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts board

    In this thread, some members have began discussing how to handle promoting other magazines on the Forum.

    Unfortunately, it's really a grey area.

    When I wrote the Bill of Rights for the message board, I really tried to allow for some flexibility. The parts of the BOR that apply in this case, I feel, are shown below.

    Looking at that, I see it's really not cut and dry, which is what I intended. As the board grows and evolves, strict guidelines would either be enforced to the level of oppression (and stupidity), or ignored totally when they become unrealistic or stupid.

    Here's my current interpretation of the rules: Don't try to sell subscriptions (or even issues) to other magazines.

    I know members of the board write for other magazines. I think that's great, and it fosters a sense of open and free discussion. I want this forum to be a place where we can discuss ideas. Why stifle those discussions with rules about what we can or can't talk about.

    So, in practice, it's fine to say "Hey, check it out...I got published!!!" or "Wow...did you see the great project in the Spring Issue of XX magazine?"

    Even with this thread, I'm not sure I would have deleted the photo, because Catlyn brings up an interesting topic: "Should covers be realistic?" Our sister magazine, Woodcarving Illustrated, was dinged by a few readers because of a birdhouse cover a few years ago that showed a Forstner bit in a cordless drill. The readers felt that was dangerous and we shouldn't show something like that on the cover.

    What I don't want to see would be something like "XX magazine has better projects than Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts" or "I think everyone should subscribe to XX magazine."

    That said, we're open to criticism, and a well explained post, even if it started with one of those statements, will probably be open to debate.

    A post that says "Check out the great deal to subscribe to XX Magazine" really doesn't belong here, though.

    I started to write write this response in that thread and realized that I needed to start this thread so the idea doesn't get lost. I welcome all other interpretations and opinions.

    Best Regards,
    Bob Duncan
    Technical Editor

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    I saw the picture in question and since the thread was not promoting the magazine per se, but I felt showing some humor regarding the cover I left it be.

    Thanks for a little more clarification.

    What some folks forget is that Fox Chapel provides the forum for our use, however the final decision remains with the admin there as to content on the forum. It really is not up for debate. When we have 100's of posters (dozens of active posters) it is a fine line we walk trying to keep everyone happy all the time.
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      Bob, thanks for opening up the issue. Always better to have things out in the open where they can be discussed and clarified than to keep them hidden.

      In my experience, when people are decent and caring, and don't have hidden agendas that get in the way, it's usually possible to have a sane and rational discussion on just about anything. And it's OK not to agree with policies as long as you're willing to abide by them.

      As Mike said, Fox Chapel has provided the forum for our use, and it's appropriate that they should have the final say. And if someone really can't live with that, there are other forums out there. Just not as good (IMHO)!

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        Originally posted by BobD View Post
        "I think everyone should subscribe to XX magazine."

        "Check out the great deal to subscribe to XX Magazine" ,
        Bob Duncan
        Technical Editor
        Whoa!!!!!!!!!!! I just got a chuckle out of part of Bobs post... Now hes selling subscriptions to an X rated magazine!!!!!!! Shame on you Bob!! LOL ( Just kiddin peeples! )
        Dale w/ yella saws


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          Originally posted by lucky788scroller View Post
          Whoa!!!!!!!!!!! I just got a chuckle out of part of Bobs post... Now hes selling subscriptions to an X rated magazine!!!!!!! Shame on you Bob!! LOL ( Just kiddin peeples! )
          Hey Dale, atleast they were just XX and not XXX - lol!

          Thank you Bob and all the mods...not to mention the great people on this forum...for making this the best out there!!!
          ~ Kim

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            I deleted it because it caused a complaint. It was the cover of another magazine and I thought it was a "NO NO". My bad, how do I put it back????
            Chuck D

            When a work lifts your spirits and inspires bold and noble thoughts in you, do not look for any other standard to judge by: the work is good, the product of a master craftsman.
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              No worries Chuck. I think someone else posted the cover.



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