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    I'm kind of surprised their isn't a virtual flea market for scrollers on this forum.

    Hows about a user website link board or a virtual buy/sell/trade board for scrollers only to sell or buy scrolling saws and accessories.

    I spent 3 hours earlier googling all over the place looking for some 1 and 2" plastic alphabet stencil sets in a variety of fonts and have come up empty handed.

    Maybe I'm calling them by the wrong name or really don't know what you call them.

    Anyway, just some ideas from a new user. Take them for what their worth!!

    Moderator - please move this topic to the suggestions board--oops--newbie mistake
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    If you'd like to link to a website, you can do so through your User CP. All we'd ask is that you should have a link from your site back to SSW&C in return if you're trading.

    As for a dedicated trading area on the forum... perhaps we need Bob to comment. I don't recall seeing much trading between members during my time here so perhaps there isn't much demand for it.
    What does everyone else think?

    By the way, why do you need plastic font stencils? I'd have thought it possible to cut your own in acrylic. But that's probably a conversation for another thread...

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      There has been discussion in the past in regard to buy and sell or trade.
      The real problem is spam. Give a spammer an inch and they will take a mile
      I have traded with people here on the forum but I think private messages and emails are the real way to go.

      If there was some way to eliminate the spam, maybe like the probationary member idea. Then a section could be set up but it would be a full time moderating job.

      These are just my thoughts
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        Carl hit the nail on the head; that's why I've been staying away from it. To be honest, classified ads in the magazine are very inexpensive, and you can reach an even larger audience that way <grin>

        For the random thing, I'd post it in the tools and equipment forum or the wood and materials forum (depending on the nature of the item).

        Bob Duncan
        Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts


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          So, if some beginner or novice is in the market for a used saw or some accessories, it better to just go to ebay than have a dedicated board here??

          It was just an idea I thought i'd toss out there

          And to Gill, Were really too busy to ever get around to that.

          We have since gone to stenciling letters and numbers onto standard size copy paper and just gluing the letters and numbers to the wood for cutting.

          Thanks for reading anyway, BladeDancer
          Never seen a blade that wouldn't dance!!


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            Sorry, BladeDancer...

            We've discussed this several times in the past; here is the one were we came to some sort of an agreement.

            We're avoiding a specific section because of liability issues..for example if xx sells a tool to zz and the tool is broken, Fox Chapel and SSW&C gets a call...

            So, like the post says, if it's a random thing, go ahead and post it, but this really isn't the place for it.

            That said, if you'r cruising E-bay and find a good deal on wood or a saw, feel free to post that here! Or if you are posting something on e-bay, feel free to post that here too (in moderation!)



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