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  • What's the difference...

    between a guest, Yahoo Slurp, MSNBOT spider and whatever other creator that might be lurking here?

    Hawk G-4 Jetcraft
    Fish are food, not friends!

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    Funny you asked that, as I asked Bob D that same thing the other day! He told me its (sorry, I dont know the big words for it) the thingys that link us to searches so if you type in scrollsaw or magazine or any words from here in the search engine, it directs you to this site. He assured me its not a virus or a spamming thingy. He can give you the technical info on it.
    Dale w/ yella saws


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      Those are a part of our "Search Engine Optimization."

      Basically, Yahoo, Google, MSN, and the other search engines send out these little programs to sift through all the data our there. they are constantly checking every link and reading every post...that way when someone types Scroll Saw Table Squaring into Google, our message board will come up...

      Make sense?



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      • meflick
        Reply to Who has Been Vaccinated ?
        by meflick
        I’m too young yet don’t meet other guidelines. We are still 75 and over or health care workers I believe. My husband is in health care, so he has now gotten both of his shots. At this rate, I figure I will be doing good if I get sometime this summer. Glad hubby got his, figure he was my biggest...
        Yesterday, 09:33 PM
      • Jim McDonald
        Reply to Who has Been Vaccinated ?
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        Waiting on Indiana to open the 65 yo group.
        Yesterday, 08:48 PM
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        You will bring a smile to the face of whoever gets these....
        Yesterday, 08:39 PM
      • will8989
        Reply to Who has Been Vaccinated ?
        by will8989
        Our appt is next week, I think. We are going to another county as ours doesn’t have enough. So they say. First one was cancelled for 2/1 as they had to make sure they had enough for the 2nd shot. Applied the next day and got the same appointment they cancelled. Go figure.
        Yesterday, 08:37 PM
      • Jim Finn
        Reply to Who has Been Vaccinated ?
        by Jim Finn
        My wife and I got our first shot a week ago.
        Yesterday, 06:55 PM