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    I see only about 10% of the members who view these threads actually have anything to say. It would be nice to see more members reply to these threads in the form of questions, answers, hints, tips and of course sharing their projects. That is what makes this forum so enjoyable. Without replys there would be no message board. So come on, lets see more scrollers hop aboard the sawing train and add to everyone's enjoyment.

    Making sawdust with a Dremel 1680.

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    some of are memmbers are off to the branson picnick. and having so much fun, i might add. wish i was there. we just have to make do with us here, at home. glad you are here. and still posting. we are the stip kids that still have to keep on scrolling for next year. I am here. don't you see me. ??
    we still have lots to talk about. and maybe when they get back they will fell left out of all the fun we are having. your friend Evie


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      This site is no different than any other site in that there will always be a dozen or so *regulars* and then some not so frequent participants and then others that will only post occasionally or never at all. Some are either too shy to post or they come to the sites just to learn and have no desire to get involved in the discussions. Sometimes I think they might be the smartest ones and perhaps they believe silence is golden
      But in spite of it there will always be non participating lurkers and if that is their favorite style of learning then we wish them all the best for checking us out and advancing their skills.

      That is the reason why the most knowledgeable woodworkers belong to several sites and check them out on a regular basis. What they miss on one they pick up the next one and so on to the next one etc. Takes very few minutes to scan through several sites and click on topics of most interest and either participate or just learn from them .

      It doesn't pay to keep ones eggs all in one basket.


      The task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us

      Delta P-20 Scroll Saw, 14" x 43" Craftex Wood Lathe and Jet 10" Mini Lathe .


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        it works for me...

        Originally posted by William Young (SE BC)
        It doesn't pay to keep ones eggs all in one basket.
        I've got one fishing site and one scroll sawing site and that's all I need....
        it's time to turn off the computer, were heading to the lake for 5 day's..
        I'll report back in on Wednesday..

        happy scrolling...

        Hawk G-4 Jetcraft
        Fish are food, not friends!


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          [QUOTE=Trout]I've got one fishing site and one scroll sawing site and that's all I need....

          Same here Trout. One of each. I may be going to the lake too this weekend but with the highs forecast to be 97F, I may not stay on the water real long. Good luck to you and catch me a big bass.

          Making sawdust with a Dremel 1680.


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            I think part of the problem with people posting is the summer doldrums and vacation time. It usually picks up in the wintertime. Speaking for myself, I sometimes get weary with the same stuff being repeated over and over. I realize, however, that there is a need for repetition for the new members. That is how we all learn from each other. I don't want to step on anyone's toes, but I sometimes feel that if I see one more clock or Christmas ornament, I will scream. That does not mean the rest of you shouldn't enjoy making clocks, etc. It just means that I will leave you to it. I think the limits need to be pushed once in awhile.
            Old Mooner


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              Minnesota Scroller the point you raise is a valid one. For myself I look at the forum every day and read the threads that are of interest but rarely answer them as there is so much expertise available from the regulars on the forum that there is very little I can add.
              Rhys H.


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                Hobbyhorse, I understand what you are saying but don't you have some projects you would like to show off to the rest of us? Share some technical info on how you created your work of art. You could also comment or complement or criticize other people's work. It's nice to see what other people have done which gives us newer scrollers more ideas.

                However, thanks for sharing your comment.


                Making sawdust with a Dremel 1680.


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                  To RHYS H,
                  I would like to say, if we all felt we had nothing to contribute there would be no forum. I'm sure there are times where you would like to say something but you hesitate, because you think it's been said before, or it might make you look silly or inexperienced, but all comments are welcome here. You might be chastised for what you say, (I've been there) but say it anyway, get involved, show your work, participate in the discussions, it all adds to the joy of scrolling.
                  LIFE'S SHORT, USE IT WELL


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                    Are you the Rhys who contributed the Initial Keepsake Boxes in the last SSW? (OK, there is a newer one out, but apparently my post-person has not finished reading it yet!)
                    If you are, there might be a few of us with questions, and you'd be the best one for those answers. If you're not, that's OK too - you still probably have some good stuff to contribute, or you can just help us razz Charlie about his ducks.


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                      Yes, I am the same Rhys as the one in the the last SSW...I might just add that I have very little experience on a scroll saw... perhaps I can help you sort out Charlie and his ducks!

                      Rhys H.


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                        I tend to be in Rhys' camp in that there is so much expertise here and I know so little. Marsha also hit the nail right on the head. As a newcomer both to scrolling and to this group, I hesitate to share for the very reasons she stated. This is a wonderful group and it is obvious that some of you folks have quite a bit of history together. Sometimes I hesitate for fear of " butting in " . This is not a feeling I get from the group ,mind you, just my own personal insecurities. As I get to know everyone better this is becoming less & less of an issue for me . As a newcomer I have spent a lot of time reading old posts as well as the new ones and have come across a few instances of bickering and verbal head-slapping. Granted, we are in the real world and there is no escaping these things if you are going to insert yourself into it, but I inwardly fear being the brunt of one of those confrontations simply because I didn't understand rules & regs that are not always crystal clear. I have already made a couple of stumbles and thank those members who caught me before I publically fell ( you know who you are ) i thank the powers that be for leading me to this wonderful group of folks. Living remotely as I do, things were getting a little stale for me. The experience of belonging to this group has given me a fresh outlook, increased knowledge,and new motivation. I just want to once again say " Thank you "
                        DW788 and Hawk 226

                        " Please let me grow to be the man my dog thinks I am "


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                          Forums are like coffee shops, there are many personalities some more extroverted than others.

                          It certainly can't be said that I don't squawk enough
                          I have to say there have been many times where people have corrected me. That is great! If I knew everything I wouldn't need to be here.

                          Other personalities are not so outgoing, unless someone ruffles feathers, then it seems we stand behind each other.

                          I realize that there is a fear of being chastised for making a statement that others do not agree with or something that may seem obvious to an experienced scroller. It can be frustrating. All scrollers started out not knowing how to insert a blade or attach a pattern. All of us couldn't follow a line if our life depended on it.

                          We have almost 1000 members and over half of them have posted messages of some kind. Granted many of them are just one or two posts.

                          I have developed many friendships on this forum and although I have never met anyone in person yet, I know I have friends in countries all over the world.

                          I would encourage people to post. There are no dumb questions. There will be some smart *** answers, that is the nature of some members.
                          For the most part they are to make people feel more welcome.

                          I want to thank everyone for any contribution they have made. This is a great place to share knowledge, friendship and some good humour.
                          CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
                          "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
                          Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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                            I'm not so sure it's a matter of being reluctant to post - it could be more of a reluctance to read replies. Sometimes you try to be friendly and either get ignored or get some untoward comments as a result. If you want the quieter members of the forum to post, make sure those who are antagonistic don't get the chance to ride roughshod over other members.

                            It doesn't happen often here, but it doesn't need to happen often to make a significant adverse impact.

                            There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is readily adopted.
                            (Schopenhauer, Die Kunst Recht zu Behalten)


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                              Gill.... you and those big words!!! Stoppit! I got to get my dictionary again!!! Dale

                              Anyones contribution to a thread is a bonus I think, and yes, even remaining silent at times is probably the best reply, but like Ive said before... Silence is golden, but I'd rather be poor!!!
                              Dale w/ yella saws


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