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Just a heads up, and hope I am wrong

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  • Just a heads up, and hope I am wrong

    I received a PM from a new member asking for advise on the use of a new Sears Scroll Saw.

    Something about the PM triggered a "Is This For Real? Could this be a Troll on a Phishing trip?" reaction.

    The person requested a response to an AOL account.

    I hope I am wrong, but I wanted to pass a warning on to all members. If you also get such a message, don't reply to the AOL address.

    I have alerted BobD and Admin on this issue. Let's let them decide if I am wrong, and let's hope I am. Then I can apologize to Nancy.


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    I didn't get that on my email. but I am slow. I think Nancy is just shy, and wonted to know some things. I didn't get a privat email , just a response in what she wonted to know about.
    Nancy If you are here. please keep coming back. I realy wont to be your friend. and will help in any way i can. your friend Evie Ps. I bet that is what she was thinking too. that might be why she chose some of us to talk too. reading are post. and not wonting to look stupid. Iv been there. but I can see you point. just can't be to carful. but for me. I love to meet new friends. your friend Evie.


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      I got a similar PM asking if I'm a carver and if I have a website and to respond to an Excite email account. It's a brand new member with no posts showing.

      Just seemed "phishy" to me.
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