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  • Fuller Family Crest

    Anyone know where I can obtain Fuller Family crest, preferably a contemporary design rather than classic. suitable for a seasoned carver?
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    Is this what you're looking for?

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      Fuller family crest

      I'm looking for a carving pattern to do my own carving not a ready-made item. Thank you.


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        I thought that site sold printed copies of the crests from which you could have carved something.

        And I believe that is what Gill was offering you, not the ready made plaques.

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          There are many variations on coats of arms even with the same family name.
          There is also much tolerance allowed when producing something to put on your wall, rather than wearing it on your jacket.

          Lora Irish has some shield patterns that are intended for carving and could be adapted to your coat of arms.
          Fuller of Massachusetts has a slight variation on the coat of arms Gill sent you.

          This is the site I used to get the symbols I needed to do the Hanna coat of arms

          Once you carve your shield, you will need an appropriate mantle, the helmet and the shredded cape that surrounds the shield. This is where you can get a little more modern.

          The crest over the top of the helmet is a beacon of fire on a mount.

          If you know anyone with a Corldraw Clipart CD there are many coats of arms that could be used as patterns for you.
          Hope this is some help.

          Good luck
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