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    I've had problems posting on a couple of occasions recently, receiving an error message to the effect that there has been a database corruption. This happened again just now at 22.10 BST.

    Is it me or have the gremlins suddenly got uppity?

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    ummm, gremlins perhaps? Do they have those on your side of the pond? dale
    Dale w/ yella saws


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      I have had the same message several times here to Gill. I found once I logged off the internet and came back it was fine.
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        I too have had several problems when switching between the "gallery", the "Message Board", and posting attempts. I received different error messages. Seems to be working OK the last couple days though.
        Old Mooner


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          Gill I have had that probleam too. I just turn every thing off. My son will kill me. lol but it works. then just start again. your friend Evie


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