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  • PiALaModem
    I'm all in favor of the Google bar spell checker. It knows that the proper term for one who saws is sawyer, not sawer. In honor of the Google bar spell check function, I've amended my signature line.

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  • CanadianScroller
    started a topic Spell checking in forums

    Spell checking in forums

    I go on the forums both at home and at work. At work I use Internet Explorer, since I have no control of what programs I get to use there.

    I noticed at work, the window I type my posts in has in the top left corner a spell checker,
    ( available when you are in editor enhanced mode. You can set those options in the user control panel of the forum)

    At home I use Mozilla Foxfire as my browser. This option is not available there.
    I downloaded the Google search bar with a built in spell checker. This seems to be working fine, when I remember to use it .
    Just make sure you don't go to WYSIWYG mode when using the Google spell checker, or all your mistakes will be underlined and in green!

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