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To Admin; BobD etc: 5 minute auto logout

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  • To Admin; BobD etc: 5 minute auto logout

    Bob D., Rob and so forth:


    This is the third time when writing posts, I have been logged out of the system in the middle of composing what I want to write.

    You seem to have re-installed the 5 minute timer on composing posts. WHY??? I must hit the 'preview post' button every 3 minutes.

    I cannot express what I wish to write in a few minutes. 1st, I may write something that will not be polite, and needs re-wording. 2nd, My spelling and grammar needs to be checked. 3rd, my typing to finial post is about 2 to 1 because I try to limit my long post to just long, not epic Russian novel length.

    All you are doing is creating anger in me towards this board by having you log me out automatically and telling me the thread is invalid while I am still trying to compose my post to a thread. And my typing is lost, gone, MIA.

    Are you of the mind that a complete thought can be expressed in 25 words or less? Just how many times has a partial thought been posted here, quickly read, and responded to in anger (or worse, hurt) by another? Do you want that as your standard posting at this board?

    A long time ago you had this problem, and you fixed it, but why is it back??

    I know FLAME is not part of this board, but your 5 minute timer has got me very upset.


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    Phil and Bob and or others,

    I did not know they had a timer on a posting. It has happened to me a couple times as I was writing I was distracted for a few minutes and when I went back I had to reopen the main page again. I just shook it off as my computer acting up because it does and I really get mad and want to take this thing and throw it through a window. Now I know there is other issues. Thanks for bringing it up Phil and now Bob fix it. Thank you!
    John T.


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      I'm going to have to defer to Rob (Admin) on this...I don't know anything about it...I know Rob regularly updates the perhaps something reverted to the default settings. I'll make sure he is made aware of it.

      I'm really sorry Phil...



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        The cookie duration was set for 15 minutes. If you are experiencing 5 minute time outs I would suggest deleting your cookies you may have a bad one.

        In addition, I've upped the cookie duration to 1 Hour. I may need to lower it to 30 minutes or 45 minutes if this strains the server. Essentially, the longer the cookie duration the more stress on the server and functionality of the board. I will monitor.

        Lastly, you may want to compose long posts in a word processing program like Word, Word Pad, Word Perfect, etc. This way you can compose, edit, spell check revise, etc. without the fear of losing a post. Then simply copy and paste the document into the post.

        Rob Starr


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          Wow, how's that for service! Two replies from official sources at 10:55 p.m. and 11:12 p.m. on a Sunday evening!

          See, we really do care about you all! <grinning from ear to ear>



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            A BIG Thank-you

            Rob Starr and Bob D:

            Thank-you so much for that quick response fix. I will do what you suggest about the cookies when I get home from work tonight. (I am on lunch break at work now.)

            BTW: I think the 30 minute time-out compromise is a good suggestion. With-in 30 minutes I know I will have hit the preview post button at least once. 15 minutes is too low for my use. I am sure others will go along with your suggestion,

            About the MS Word suggestion, Last Winter, I know I tried that but ran into a font problem when I posted back into your word processor. Font Verdana has a different look when I copy and paste from MS Word (Office XP version.) I will try it again with your book antiqua font. Or do you recommend I use a font not listed with your word processor? (Aside: yes, I do a lot of copy from here and paste into my MS Word for spelling and grammar at home. Not so much when I am posting at work, due to company policy.)



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              Hi Phil, I was just reading about the spell checking in the posts. I know I have made my share of blunders here and there.
              Now I use the Google toolbar in my browser. It has a handy spell checker built in. Hopefully my errors will be fewer or at least intentional.

              I would have surely failed Witchcraft 101 if I didn't have my trusty spell checker
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