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    Bob, I was trying to create my own album and I am a bit confused. In creating my own album I downloaded my pics and it showed up on the Gallery again. So now three of my projects are listed twice. How do I remove the duplicets oin the Gallery and send future pics to my album.

    Rock Headed Grunt needs to know, thanks buddy.

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    Any photo you load will show up in your gallery automatically (because you uploaded it using your account). So just upload it and don't worry about making sure its in your gallery.

    As far as deleting the images, you should be able to do that by clicking on the photo. Below the photo and the comments, there is a little "box" and a button "delete photo." Click on the box then click on the button and it should be gone!

    Hope this helps!



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      I tried to load some photos tonight and kept getting the error page which said "cannot find server". My server or the forum's server or what? I asked Neal if he had any suggestions as well. I can send the photos as email attachments but can't seem to get them to upload to the member galleries. Any help?

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        First, try deleting all your cookies, temporary files, and web page also need to check out your file size...It helps if you can copy and past the entire error message in for me or Rob to look at...



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          Yeah. I got one uploaded. The problem was that it was taken at 4 megapixels and was too large (2304X1728). I had to use "Photo Editor" to make the image smaller. The only way I can upload a picture directly from my camera is to take the pictures at a lower resolution (in this case 1.1 mps instead of 4). I'd rather get the better picture and downsize it. Thanks for the suggestions.

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