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Avatars: Ok, where are you getting them??

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  • Avatars: Ok, where are you getting them??

    Just in case you haven't noticed, Mike M (aka 3_M on this board) has a fantastic Avatar of a sailing ship for his avatar (Flying Dutchman ship, get it?) Others also have cool avatars that speak well of themselves.

    But where are you finding these Avatars? I have looked and looked and nothing. Well to be accurate, I did find a cool looking cartoon but the site wanted $$ for the download.

    This site does offer some free lame avatars, just like most of the forum sites I visit. I have also checked out the MSN avatars which are even worse unless someone wanted an avatar related to one of the Matrix movies.

    And I don't have the artistic skill to create my own cartoon, graphic, or image for a personalized avatar.

    Oh, Yes I did an Image Google, and got little I could use.


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    I made mine using XARA 3D, it was so long ago I don't even remember.
    The main thing is to make it small enough but still be legible. you can use even MSPaint to make things smaller.
    Because mine is animated it was a little trickier to reduce but it worked in the end.
    When you are using google to search you may want to use the term 3D in the search, it will give you completely different results.
    I also use altavista for image searches.
    If you find an image you like I would be glad to manipulate it for you, just drop me a line.
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      Thanks Carl.

      With your off line help I have decided to try out a few avatars. Start with this old classic painting.

      I will try one or two of the ones you sent me later.

      Took a lot of searching on my part to find some correct words to put into the search engine.


      Way off topic: Found pictures / graphics I want to try sometime in the future as a puzzle. Artist David Delamare
      Look for his summer procession. I think that would be a great puzzle to cut.


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        Looks great, soon I will be asking for your autograph.

        Maybe I will start the Graybeard Fanclub
        "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
        Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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