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OT: Photo Attachment vs. IMG in Messages

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  • OT: Photo Attachment vs. IMG in Messages

    This is a mild RANT: It is not directed at any person, and specifically not to Admin Bob.

    Recently, I wanted to post a puzzle on this forum but I had nothing but problems. I wanted to post the photo as an Image within the body of the message. Posting as an image is better quality, allows for flexibility in placement of image, it also makes reading and understanding a lot more informative. {Aside: adding an image is done by clicking on the IMG icon on the tool bar when in the message writing screen.}

    All I could do was attach my photos to the message. Attaching a photo to a message provides a small photo at the end of message (geek speak: Thumbnail) that readers can click on. The nature of the beast is that the photo is out of context of the dialogue and clicking on the attachment interrupts the flow of the narrative since the photo attachments are located at the end of the message.

    What I discovered is that when the IMG command is used to add a photo to a message, the photo is not directly added to the message, what is added is a link to an internet address where the image is stored on line. My photos had to be uploaded to an digital photo online service first. Only then could I add a photo as I wanted within a message. Thus if the online storage changes its name, the photo is deleted from online, or my account is cancelled at some time in the future, the image within the message will no longer have the photo.

    So I began the trek to find an online digital photo service.
    1. Some services require a minimum yearly purchase of digital prints, charged to your credit card. The prices at my local drug store are 18 cents per photo, but these online services charged about double that. (Discounts after so many 4 X 6 photos is possible.) One place wanted an annual fee for the service, but their high fee included storage for mobile phone digital pictures.

    2. One place offered free storage, no time limit, but they tried to download 5 third party cookies (A.K.A. Ad-ware, Spy-ware) and wanted an email address and no published privacy policy. Can we all hiss "vile evil phishing trolls?"

    3. In frustration, I signed up with my camera manufacturer (Kodak) for their on line service. This was just to see what would happen. It took me a long time to set this up. I am still not satisfied that this service won't try to add a cookie (from or two in the future to anyone who views the photos.

    Please bare with me: You must understand that I very, VERY seldom take pictures. I bought a Kodak digial camera last winter ('05.) The intended use was to take a photo, include the photo computer file (JPEG file) into a Zip file for emailing. Printing digital photos was not on my To Do list. It still is not on my to do list. But, now I must wade though all this @#$$%&%&%&%(&* junk at the web site about purchasing photo prints before I get to the upload photo to share bit.

    I am going to close this rant, and post instructions in a reply.


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    Which host are you using for your pictures, Phil? I use photobucket which seems to be okay.

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      How to use IMG command in message

      How to use the IMG command in a message:

      Start by having selected an online digital photo service. Google for online photo services, and you will get about 1,000,000 hits. Note that some services require annual fees, or a minimum annual purchase, and there are a few vile evil trolls looking to place add-ware on your computer; read the fine print.

      Install software from photo service on your computer; a one time install. This software, generally speaking, makes two copies each of your digital photos. One copy is uploaded "AS IS" in full color and digital resolution for printing (this is the copy used for printing.) The second copy is significantly reduced in size and resolution for optimum use on the internet; speed is one factor in optimum use. Both copies are uploaded to your service.

      Upload the pictures you want available for anyone, and everyone, on the internet to see. Dial up Internet services will take longer to upload, as you would expect. Word to the wise; inform your significant other you are uploading photos for anyone on the internet to view.

      After uploading, using your browser, view the photo. What you need is to capture the full, specific, and unique (un-ambiguous) address name of where on the internet that photo is (The following works with Microsoft Internet Explorer):
      --1. With the mouse over the photo, Right Click
      --2. In the pop-up window, scroll down to select Properties and Left click.
      --3. In the properties window you will see about half way down the URL address. This is a long string of letters and numbers that begin with http and end (usually) with .jpg
      --4. using your mouse, left click and drag to highlight the entire address and just the address starting with http.
      --5. with the mouse hovered over the highlighted address Righ Click, and scroll down and select Copy.
      Aside, if you copy something else to the clipboard, you will overwrite the address of your photo.

      Now, with your internet browser, open SSW forum and after logging in, start the message editor by starting new thread or reply to thread.

      At the place where you want to add a photo, click on the icon IMG (a yellow icon with mountains and Sun).

      A pop-up window will open with instructions to add URL address in dialogue box. Delete, or overwrite, pre-loaded htt:// by just pressing at the same time the keys <Ctrl> + V on your keyboard. This will copy the contents of your computer clipboard into the pop-up window dialogue box.

      Click Ok in the pop-up dialogue box.

      The photo may not appear in the message edit window until you click on the Preview Post button.


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        I am using Kodak gallery. It requires an annual purchase, but does not at this time specify a minimum amount of purchase. Large bold letters, This is subject to change.

        BTW, this statement is found three screens in, under terms of service. It is not easy to find the minimum annual purchase statement.

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          I too use Photobucket and it works great I can put the photo anywhere I want just try to keep it small enough as to not over stretch the screen.I can install them below the writing or above as was shown. You can also try clicking copy over the photo and pasting here. Some sites let you do that. By the way Photobucket is free.
          John T.


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            I'm not sure if it will work on this site - but here is something I learned from another site:

            Upload your picture to the gallery here.
            Right click the picture, go to properties, and copy the location of the picture.
            Then when writing your message, click the insert image and use the location you copied.

            That way you won't have to have a service to host your pictures - SSWS hosts them for you.





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              Gill and John T:

              Thanks for the Photo Bucket link. I am looking them over again with your recommendations. However, I cannot see a visible means of their support. I know I am slightly paranoid, but I want to know how they are paying for their technology. What they do is way beyond someone's charity.

              T: (Forester21)

              I am almost 100% sure that SSW does not store the IMG photos. Attachments are stored by SSW, Member Galleries are stored by SSW. But the message IMG images are reloaded from online image service every time the message is accessed. If a photo is deleted from online service, the photo won't display in message anymore.

              I will hold on to that belief until ADMIN Bob replies back I am wrong. (Which won't be the first time.)



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                Hey Phil, another place you may want to check is your own ISP. I am on Roadrunner and they give you 10MB of space for a website with your account, no extra charge. I use it strictly for photo storage. I haven't run up against any bandwidth limitations yet and 10MB is a goodly amount of storage for pics. With my service you can upload your pics directly through IE but I prefer to use an FTP program. Then I have a shortcut to my pic folder in my favorites. When I want to use one I simply open up a new window, click on the pic link so it displays in my browser and copy the URL out of the address bar to paste in the IMG tags. You may check out your ISP and see if they offer something similar.



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                  We host the images FREE and there is NO LIMIT on storage space if you use our Scroller Gallery. The one limitation is that you don't link to images in the gallery from other websites.

                  Forester21 was correct and you can use the <IMG> feature with the Scroller Gallery. Below are instructions

                  1. Navigate to the image you want to use in the Scroller Gallery.
                  2. Right click on the image and click properties
                  3. Copy the address url
                  4. Go back to the thread
                  5. Type your text
                  6. Click insert image
                  7. Paste the address url of the image

                  Let me know if you ahve any toher questions.

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