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  • scroll saw chucks

    Hello, my name is Kevin- I have a Ridgid ss1650 scroll saw. The problem I'm having is the chucks won't hold the blade for any length of time.I've changed the chucks 3 times with new ones.but after about 2-3 weeks they fail again I started to put a slight bend on the top of the blade and also the bottom, that seems to work but stresses the blade somewhat.Its very frustrating tighting the tension and the blade slips out.I like the saw alot but blade changing is bumming me out.any suggestions?? What do you think of the Hawk? ps- they don't make this saw anymore and chucks are aftermarket.Thanks,Kevin

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    Several other people on the board have more experience with this than I do, but I believe scroll saw blades are shipped with a little oil on them (to prevent corrosion). I'd start by wiping the ends with some sort of solvent or sanding them lightly with fine sandpaper.

    Another common problem is that the screws in the blade holders are too smooth to hold properly...again a little find sandpaper should do the trick

    Bob Duncan
    Scroll Saw Workshop


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      Scroll Saw Chucks

      Bob, Thanks for the info.I don't know why I did'nt think of that!I must be loosing it


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        Naaahhh you're not losing it - we all just need a little reminder from time to time.
        As for the Hawk (RBI, that is), if it is at all in your price range, go for it!! It is TERRIFFIC!!! Easy blade changes, quiet running, smooth blade stroke, really good sawdust blower thingy. I haven't developed enough skills yet to say how it is on complex stuff, but so far I just love the one I got for Christmas .


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          loosing it

          Sandy,Thanks so much for you're reply.So you have the hawk! I just started researching it and sent away for there free video.I understand it is quite pricey.I haven't heard a price on the saw yet,but if you want a good product you get what you pay for,and i'm willing to do that.easy to say hahThanks,Kevin ps any more info would be appreciated.
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            RBI Hawk

            Hi Kevin, read your post and the reply by Sandy...I couldn't agree more with those comments. I have the Hawk 220 bought maybe 2 years ago and it is a great machine. no vibrations, smooth running and the blade change is rather easy.

            RBI came out with a new saw called the "G4"...I really don't know how much it has changed from the Hawk 226. Incidentally the 220 version means it has a 20" throat and the 226 has a 26" throat. The new G$ also has the 26" throat. Initially there were a few minor problem with the blade change thing on the G4 but it is my understanding the RBI folks have found the problem and have fixed it.

            RBI only makes quality machines, but they are expensive. I think I paid somewhere around $1000 or $1100 for my Hawk 220 but since I bought it at a woodworkers show they threw in a lot of options, like a side shelve, magnifier light, foot switch, a bunch of blades, and a book...they may even be doing some additional promotions now and you may be able to get one for less than $1k...???

            In any event, good luck...I think you'll enjoy the free vidio they'll send to you.

            Jim Paskett
            Jim Paskett
            RBI HAWK 220


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              rbi hawk

              Jim, thanks so much for the quick reply.The info you sent me on the rbi hawk is indeed helpfull.I hear great things about this saw.Its like anything else,you get what you pay for,and so far it sounds like a good investment.Thanks Kevin


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                Scroll Saws

                Hi Kevin,

                I also had the Rigid saw that you have. The blade changing design on that machine eventually led me to purchasing a Hegner Scroll Saw which is in the same class as the RBI Hawk. They cost about the same and are of the same quality. If you need to move your saw often the Hegner is easier in that regard.

                You may want to check into local service for the machine you select. I could not find any local source for service on the RBI Hawk. RBI did not respond to my email about local service.

                All that said, there is a middle ground. For about half the price of either the RBI or Hegner you can buy a Dewalt Scroll Saw. I think its model 788. It has a 20" throat. I know a guy who has had his for 7 years and only had to replace the power switch. A foot switch would avoid this. Woodcraft sells the DeWalt as do many other retailers that cater to the woodworking trade. Many of the later service what they sell.

                For even less money you could look at the Delta 16" scroll saw if that throat size is not too restrictive. It has a fast action clamp, but I have no experience on how well they hold blades in the long term.



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                  scroll saw

                  Dick,Thanks for taking the time to answer me.Everyone has been great! you're comments are valuable to me.I do take everything into concideration and now have the knowledge to make a decision---I think lol Kevin


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                    This is from another Hegner user! I love mine! Before you spend the money on a saw, if you have a chance to attend a woodworking show, you should by all means go. There you will find the top brands and be able to try each one before you by. The problem I had with the RBI was I had to step from the front to the side to adjust the tension. With the Hegner, I just reach over, adjust and start sawing. If the tension loosens up while sawing, all I do is adjust the tension and not miss a stroke! Everyone has their opinion as to which saw they like best, so it is really a personal thing. Just try to buy the BEST saw you can AFFORD. If you can afford a $500 saw, then get the best $500 there is. But at the shows you do gets lots and lots of extras. With my hegner I also got a 20 YEAR FULL Warranty on the motor as a show special along with the foot switch (which I wouldn't be without) magnifying light, extra blade holders, blades and a few other goodies that added up to about $400-$500. Plus, Hegner is located in Delaware and there is NO SALES TAX!!! Which is extra money you can spend at the show. I have to warn you they do ship, if you pay by check they hold for 2 weeks, if you pay by credit card, they ship on the Monday or Tuesday after the show. HAVE FUN SCROLLING!!

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                      get a grip

                      Many of us can`t afford high end saw so we must `make do`with what we have. I have thought of making blade clamps before. I wanted quick release, easy to thread with a grip like a gorilla.
                      I don`t have access to a metal shop but I was thinking that Xacto blade holders have a collet that would work. If you countersunk the end of the collet the blade would self center every time, The knurled grip could be twisted and clamp the blade in place.
                      A point to consider when connecting the chuck to the cutting arms, the chuck should pivot, if not the blade will bend, stress and break.
                      Another point, with the xacto brand of collets, the collet itself is threaded, so when you tighten the knurled ring the `blade holder`may turn.
                      Just some rambling thoughts for the impoverished.
                      CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
                      "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
                      Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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                        I have the Hawk 226 Scroll Saw. Someone questioned local service. I had a problem with the speed control on mine after a couple years. I called the Factory, which is in Missiuri, and they sent me a new one quickly, no charge and paid freight both ways so I could send the old one back. I love my Hawk. It is very smooth and vibration free. Yes, you have to stand up to change tension, but I don't find that I do that very often. I have not experienced it loosening as I saw. Also, I think they have specials almost all the time. I got mine several hundred dollars off list price with the accessory kit which included the magnifier light, foot switch and a few other things.


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