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  • What am I doing wrong


    What do I have to do to get all topics to show when I click on a main heading like beginner's scrollsaw. Now what is happening is I get the last post that was made and that is all. Then I have to scroll down to where it asks how many days you want to have showing of posts. I click on 100 and the posts come up but do not stay there. I have to do this every timer I want to see a past post such as the one asked about the newbie questions and blade breaking. Need Help!!!
    John T.

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    Re: What am I doing wrong


    Click on the "User CP" link at the top left corner of the screen
    Then Click on the "Edit Options" link on the left column
    Scroll down to "Thread Display" options
    Click on the "Default Thread Age Cutoff" drop down can change it to any length. I have mine set for "Show threads for the past 10 days"

    Hope this helps



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    • meflick
      Reply to Who has Been Vaccinated ?
      by meflick
      I’m too young yet don’t meet other guidelines. We are still 75 and over or health care workers I believe. My husband is in health care, so he has now gotten both of his shots. At this rate, I figure I will be doing good if I get sometime this summer. Glad hubby got his, figure he was my biggest...
      Yesterday, 09:33 PM
    • Jim McDonald
      Reply to Who has Been Vaccinated ?
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      Waiting on Indiana to open the 65 yo group.
      Yesterday, 08:48 PM
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      You will bring a smile to the face of whoever gets these....
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    • will8989
      Reply to Who has Been Vaccinated ?
      by will8989
      Our appt is next week, I think. We are going to another county as ours doesn’t have enough. So they say. First one was cancelled for 2/1 as they had to make sure they had enough for the 2nd shot. Applied the next day and got the same appointment they cancelled. Go figure.
      Yesterday, 08:37 PM
    • Jim Finn
      Reply to Who has Been Vaccinated ?
      by Jim Finn
      My wife and I got our first shot a week ago.
      Yesterday, 06:55 PM