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  • New York Mosaic

    i cut this puzzle for a friend in New York....nothing special just a straight forward puzzle with a few figurals and a magnetic arch.....the photos are a mosaic of new york city, that i shot over a 6 month period....i combined the images to create a mosaic of a day in new york city...

    the arch represents the feast of san genero in little italy each year......and is supported by brass poles and is magnetic.....the two figurals are the yankees emblem and the fox (embedded in jersey boys, i live in nj)....and a small swarovski crystal on the end of lady liberty's torch.....

    the size is 8.5 x11 and i don't have a piece count......criticism and critique are welcome


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    That's a wonderful NYC collage. The pictures go together very nicely. Making the collage in and of itself is an art! Very nice puzzle.



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      I agree with AntoriP.
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        that's the kind of picture I look for....nice job!!!!



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          That's really cool, Bob! I love the standing arch with the brass piping.

          I agree with Carter as well....with all of the color variation, it will be a fun puzzle to assemble.

          The theme is great. I've seen all four of those musicals. Jersey Boys was great, as was Mary Poppins (saw twice). Mama Mia was fantastic with the ABBA music. I wasn't crazy about Phantom, as I'm not a big ALW fan, but it's one of Cheryl's all time favs.

          Great job!
          Shawn Ferguson

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            That's particularly creative! Excellent puzzle...excellent idea.

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              i have tried using photo bucket and i get "invalid file".....uploading from my computer files "invalid file"..........this is sssoooooo frustrating.......and i agree with carol that we are missing a lot of good stuff with the inability to post pictures....just my 2 cents
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            • BrianA
              Reply to Chip & Dip bowl.
              Thanks for the kind words.

              The main wood is cherry with maple, purple heart, yellow heart and blood wood.

              There is no pattern, it is just a couple of circles overlapped.

              The blood wood is a bit difficult as in the sanding it tends to run into the adjacent woods....
              Today, 10:55 AM
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              Wood Dog
              Sweeeeet project, so glad you had enough room in your mind to keep that idea, thanks for sharing.
              Today, 10:11 AM
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              Reply to Testing photos with a bowl
              Wood Dog
              Well done on that segment bowl tgiro, what did you use for a finish?
              Today, 10:07 AM
            • Rolf
              Reply to Testing photos with a bowl
              That is a beauty. What kind of lathe do you have?

              I also like your moto about honoring the wood, you most certainly did that!
              Today, 09:24 AM