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“Reflections” from Puzzle Parley

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  • “Reflections” from Puzzle Parley

    First, it was a pleasure meeting all those puzzlers from this forum that attended the Puzzle Parley in Salem. I had a great time and was humbled by so many works of art. P.S. to Ron from Turtle Teasers, your puzzle from the exchange was the hardest by far!

    On Saturday afternoon I took a break from the Puzzle Parley and walked down to the Salem waterfront where I found the boat “Friendship of Salem” docked. I saw its position at the dock and knew right away that I needed to return the next morning at sunrise to capture pictures of this boat on the water. As long as there was some sun and zero wind I was confident I would capture some fantastic photos. So I got up at 4:30 on Sunday morning (much to the chagrin of my family) and headed back to the waterfront. I was not disappointed. The sun came up directly opposite the starboard side of the ship and created the most amazing reflections. So for about 30 minutes I ran around and took about 300 pictures from every angle that I could to capture the ship with its reflections. I even (illegally mind you) climbed up on an adjacent structure to capture a slight overhead angle. Hey, it was 5:30 on a Sunday morning. I was fairly certain I was not gonna get caught. Below is the 1st of the pictures that I proceeded to cut into what I hope to be a series of “Reflection” puzzles.

    Before I started cutting I was deciding on figurals and I decided to do birds in the real sky and sea creatures in the water. But then, my daughter gave me what I thought was a brilliant idea. She said “dad, since the picture is a reflection, then what ever figures you put in the top part, you should do the same figures in the reflection on the bottom, just opposite.” Reflections of the figurals! Wow! Brilliant! So that’s what I did as best I could. Hopefully she will never read this forum because after all was done, I am not sure if I like it. To me it just looks like upside down figurals. And since the reflection is smaller than the real picture due to reflective distortion, matching placement was difficult.

    The puzzle is 10” x 15” with 622 pieces and took about 14 hours of work time from start to finish. There are 14 figurals and my signature piece. I printed the photo on metallic paper, reverse mounted it on clear acrylic with a translucent backing.

    On the difficulty scale of 1 -10 this is probably an 8. I did some interior color line cutting and made the scalloped edges very difficult to do 1st with many interior pieces that look like edge pieces & vice-versa. And with the exception of the figural pieces I would say I achieved a 98% on the rest of the pieces being the same size & thickness The next one I cut will be harder because the sky and the reflection are almost identical in color. I am going to shoot for 750 pieces on the next one.

    As always your comments and critique is welcome.

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    I love it, Antori! The reflecting figurals are really fantastic, too.

    My family and I boarded The Friendship during the last two Parleys, and we thought it was great. Last fall, I was strolling along one of our own nearby waterfronts in Buffalo, and was delighted to see the ship docked there. I recognized it instantly. After speaking with the owners, it sounded like they were considering staying for the winter, but i'm not sure if they ever did.

    Great job on the puzzle!
    Shawn Ferguson

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      Now, that is one fine puzzle and a GREAT story supporting it!

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        Beautiful Puzzle, I love the the idea from your daughter, about having the figures reflect, you did it perfectly.


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          Beautiful!!! But LOTS of pieces,



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            beautiful puzzle and great concept.....wonderful job!!!!

            "The Journey is the Reward"


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              Outstanding. Your daughter was right on.
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                WOW, great photo and an amazing puzzle.
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                  Very very nice one fine scroller.


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                    What an amazing puzzle! Well done. Wow.


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                      Great puzzle!

                      I have cut the acrylic board that you let me have to try out my patterned cut, and it turned out well. My first acrylic jigsaw puzzle! I have put it into one of my wooden boxes and mailed it to you as a gift.

                      It is cut with the same pattern as my Puzzle Parley Exchange puzzle, and has 222 pieces as against 101 pieces in the exchange puzzle, but since the image is simpler and very familiar to you it shouldn't be as hard.
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                        How did you "print" the picture to the Acrylic? That is really intresting.


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                          Ron - Turtleteasers

                          Your puzzles are the best! Thanks for the gift. Please check your email.

                          Oldvaxguy - Although you can print directly to acrylic, I do not use that method. To many issues with chipped ink and color washout. I do an "acrylic sandwich". I reverse face mount a picture to clear acrylic and then laminate an acrylic backing. Expensive method but I love the results.

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                            Antori's work needs to be seen up close and personal.
                            Ron nice work, what blade are you using for the acrylics.?
                            RBI G4 Hawk, Delta SS350, Nova 1624 DVR XP
                            Philosophy "I don't know that I can't, therefore I can"
                            Proud Member of the Long Island Woodworkers Club
                            And the Long Island Scrollsaw Association


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                              Originally posted by Rolf View Post
                              Ron nice work, what blade are you using for the acrylics.?

                              I used the same blade that I use for my 1/4" plywood puzzles - Pegas 2/0 Skip.
                              One blade cut the entire puzzle. I ran the saw at half max speed, about the same as I would have done for plywood. There was no melting or fusing of the acrylic - this is due to Antori using only cast acrylic from his preferred supplier. The "sawdust" from the acrylic was granular rather than dusty as with plywood.


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