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    Last week I posted a picture of a back of a puzzle that showed a detail when cutting, I got a request to show the front of the puzzle, so here is the story...
    Some year’s back (I think about seven) a customer who had just climbed Machu Picchu asked me to cut one of his photos into a puzzle. I think it was a 16" x 20" photo. I mounted it to my wood and spent a lot of time looking at it and trying to figure out what whimsies I would cut into it. At the end of the day I propped it against the wall and I figured I would start cutting it the next day. When I came into the shop the next day I was mortified to find that a heavy bookend had fell from a shelf above and smashed right down the middle of the picture. So, I ordered a new photo and started again.
    I did not want to waste the first photo that was damaged, so I came up with the idea to use some of it in the new puzzle. I created 3-D terrace village as it would have been in Inca time. I still had a little left over and made an Inca deity as a separate puzzle and tossed it into the tin with the rest of the puzzle.
    Erik (the customer) was delighted with the results.
    Lemons into lemonade!
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    The only thing I can say is

    WOW !!!!!
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      Nicely done. Great save.
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        Your creativity is exceeded only by your craftswomanship!

        That is one fine puzzle!!!

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          Thank you Jim, thank you Mike, thank you John!
          and I hope the word "craftswomanship" catches on, it just does not roll off your tongue


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            Great puzzle, Dee! Wonderful job!



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              Very clever, Dee! Do the terrace levels stay in place (are they affixed to each other?)
              Shawn Ferguson

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                Thanks Matt.
                Shawn, yes they are connected by one piece to the layer above or below. The puzzle becomes difficult because the picture on the layers of terrace are the same as some where else on the main photo. I was terrified went I wrecked the first one, this was one of the first puzzles I did on my own after I left Stave.


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