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  • hotshot
    Love Birds
    I love to do these challenging projects, though they rarely sell.

    Today, 01:40 AM
  • Earl the Scroll Sawer
    Reply to Remember When?
    Earl the Scroll Sawer
    I have been through many changes on many different forums and have never gone from OK to worse. But it has happened here and even more so on the carver's forum. Both have been destroyed. I just happened to check in here to see if any thing had been done to make the forum more user friendly, and sadly,...
    Today, 01:00 AM
  • Sawdust703
    Reply to New Scroller
    Welcome to the forum! I'm new to the forum myself, but not to woodworking. I'm a self-taught scroll sawyer, & have been practicing for goin on 15 years. I got into woodworking as a hobby to relieve road stress. I'm a retired OTR Truck driver of 35 years. I "fell into" a few wood woodworking...
    Yesterday, 11:30 PM
  • Sawdust703
    Reply to Spiral blades
    I've got a Hitachi CW - 40, & a 220vs Hawk. I use the Olson & FD spiral blades. The trick I've found that works for me is to keep the blade holder end flat. I had a lot of trouble w/my Hawk at first w/spirals. I took the blade holder thumb screws out, flattened the ends w/220 sand paper. Don't...
    Yesterday, 10:54 PM
  • bgloyn
    Reply to Spiral blades
    I have found that with the olsen you have to untwist the blades to get a good hold but with the ns from fd you can just clamp and they work great, only ns I can not use is the 3/0, break them too quick. Others use them no problem so must be user error.
    Yesterday, 10:23 PM